A platform to choose: Bridgefund Webtrader
Wide range of trading styles, analysis and strategies
Supporting different trading requirements and style 

Collaboration with the largest Banks in different regions

Collaboration with the largest online transaction's companies VISA/MASTER

Segregation of funds in different accounts

Negative Balance Protection





Trading Platforms

Bridgefund Webtrader is a well-known trading platform among other trading platform.
You can download it directly in our website without any charges or fees. Through Bridgefund Webtrader you will access Forex, Commodities, Stocks, and Indices. All trading tools are available on the platform and you can access them through a user-friendly interface.

Bridgefund Webtrader

is a trader- focused platform, which helps you feel familiar with financial market and make better decisions. You can connect to the world’s largest field of data, news, and events.

Do you prefer long term investments and playing safe?

No better possibility to take profits out of it!

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Would you like to be part of the $ 5 trillion Forex daily transaction?

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The hot pair EUR/USD is your right path!

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Big moves need big mindset. Big mindsets make big investments.

Be part of indices world!

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Account Types

What we bring to the table

5 Account Types

Free hand to choose the account which suits better to your trading capacities and goal.

2 Trading Platforms

State-of-the-art trading platforms, suitable for beginners and experienced traders. Live prices, news, market updates, economic calendar. Everything you need to succeed.

All technologies supported

Bridgefund Webtrader are supported by all the operating systems. You can use their applications in Android, iOS devices, web-based and desktop based.

150+ Trading Assets

Trading one or two assets is a good idea but diversifying your trading portfolio is a strategy to get the best out of the market.

10+ Trading Tools

Observe the market and plan your actions with all the trading tools that Bridge Fund offers.

Fiat funding methods

You can fund your account with Euros, Dollars . It is a matter of choice. You will be in the market once you approve funding of your account.

Bridge Fund Market Analysis

Daily market overview
Regular updates over financial events/ news
Combined trading strategies
Signals, Analysis through email

Top Financial Advisors

Dedicated account managers team
Passionate financial advisors
Outstanding risk management officers and Data analyst
Customer Service Oriented

Smart Investmets

Explore all assets on financial market
Choose the right assets based on our tools
Identify potential assets for the very near future
Always check what other traders are
doing, and copy their strategies

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Wrap the markets around your finger

The latest news from financial market and your Bridge Fund trading accounts will bring you enormous possibilities to maximize your profits and make your trading experience unforgettable. Through our app you will understand markets better, taking advantages of trading tools and the latest news, updates, technical analysis, fundamental analysis. The applications are mobile based, web based, and desktop based. You will have access from everywhere.