Our History

We are a worldwide online trading company, giving you access to trading opportunities
of financial markets, through our outstanding trading services and sophisticated trading platforms.

Bridge Fund is providing trading services to companies, institutions and individuals who want to trade in short run or long run. We are committed to offer the highest standards of trading online, specialized expertise on financial market, trading platforms which bring all the necessary information for you to succeed.

What we bring for you

We have packed our services in different account types, so you start your trading journey with us in close relation with your expectations, previous experience and knowledge, your goals and aspirations. You can choose the most suitable markets to trade, where you feel more competent, more secure or more profitable.

Reasons to trust us:

Committed to success

We are aware that only a happy client would stay with us for long time. We have created our business strategy in a way that our clients are in the center of the attention and we help them to trade profitably. Your success is our success, therefore we are dedicated to offer you the necessary infrastructure to be happy with services and results.

A worldwide company

Founded in 2009, we have been the innovator company in trading online market, offering market-leading services and very sophisticated algorithm-based trading platforms. Serving to millions of clients in several countries has prepared us with the right tools and experience to provide what our clients need and must possess in order to make money in financial market.

Small group of traders

We have different departments which take care of bringing the best services to you. What we pay attention the most is finding you the right place in our company. This means that you invest time to know you as a trader and we group you with traders who have similarities with you like the goals, financial capabilities, experience and knowledge. You will not be in larger group than 4-5 traders.

Passionate, professional team

Feel completely free to contact us if you have any question or any issue you want to have more information over it. Our team of account managers and customer service support is always ready to help you with the best solutions.

Easy to contact

Call us on the phone numbers we have provided for you, email us, or fill the form to let an appointment. We are available during working hours form Monday to Friday.