• Recently tablet devices are becoming more and more popular and while this is considered as a  trendof nowadays, it is true by facts that iOS devices from Apple are more widely spread compared to Android tablet devices.Bridge Fund comes to you to get the most out of your iPad functionalities. First you must download and install MT4 on to it. You will live an outstanding desktop trading experience through your iPad Apple device.

  • MT4 iPad offers you a trading experience almost the same as on a desktop. The only difference would be that you might be on the move. If you work better with candlesticks, you should know that iOS devices only can offer you a configuration for this type of charts. The screen of an iPad is larger than the phone ones. MT4 for iPad comes with a great set of technical indicators which are able to help you perform a decent technical analysis.

MetaTrader 4 for iPad features

  • Full control over your trading account
  • 24/5 availability to access financial market
  • All order types and execution modes
  • Trading history automatically saved
  • Interactive symbol charts
  • Diversity of charts: bars, Japanese candlesticks and broken line
  • 9 timeframes: from one minute to one month 
  • 30 of the most popular technical indicators
  • 24 analytical objects
  • Latest news and events
  • Free mobile chat and email

Adjustable trading system

The MetaTrader 4 for iPad enables you to implement different levels of trading strategies complexity. The application provides you with a full set of orders and trading tools. There is no need to check your device constantly, since pending orders are available. Pending orders will be executed even if the device is off or the application is not running. You will have in your window all kind of information as track number, open prices, volumes, state of account of all orders and open positions. Check the detailed history of all trades you have done on the History Window.
Set Take Profit and Stop Loss levels to set your profit or minimize your losses.