We are a crossing road where traders and investors come together and allows them to buy and sell currencies and other financial instruments. We are offering two different trading platforms: Webtrader and MetaTrader4.

Online trading platforms offer many advantages compared to traditional financial specialists. You got the service faster; they are easy to use and most of the time they offer many educational opportunities, news, updates, latest trends on financial markets. They help investors to understand which assets are the best to invest on a certain moment of time.

Being able to access your trading platform from wherever you are and whenever you want is a great advantage, since you do not lose any market opportunity. More advantages of online trading through the platforms of Bridge Fund include:


Nowadays, there is no need to call a broker to arrange for sales. With online trading everything is completed in few moments and there is no need that the trader and the broker talk directly.


Online trading has become affordable by many traders, since the number of brokerage service companies is increasing. This made possible the costs to be decreased considerably, allowing traders to take the best out trading.


Since the platforms are accessible at any time day or night and most of the market is available to trade, traders can choose when and what to trade. Platforms are available as mobile applications also. So, you are free to trade on the go, save your time and make money. What combination could be more profitable.


Trading platforms offer real time information, meaning real time prices and an easy to use interface, so traders can have control on their positions at any time and get the most out of the latest events.


Online trading is fast. Once you have your account with an online trading company, you can immediately start opening positions as long as you fund your account with enough capital. Make sure you get familiar with the platform first and online trading in general. This is the best way you get the most out of market possibilities. Platforms offer instant execution type, funding and withdrawal transactions happen fast and without restrictions.

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